Welcome, if you have arrived to this page, more then likely means you are looking for paint protection for your new, current or soon to be vehicle in Australia. This page has a lot of information designed just for you, some will close this window but some of you may find this useful, so please read on.

Whether you choose our product or end up choosing another paint protection, this site is aimed at arming you, the consumer, with as much knowledge as possible to make an informed decision based on facts rather than, convenience at the dealer or even buzzwords that many products use or misunderstanding.

Paint Protection unfortunately is an often misunderstood term. Right now, on the market today, there are so many options to choose from. Which one is the right one for you? 

Most Paint Protection in Australia use buzzwords like 'nano' or 'Fusion' or even 'Ceramic' to sound impressive. 

It is important to understand that 'Paint Protection' in reality is a very broad and misused term. A whole range of products are technically classed as paint protection. These can be sorted in 3 main categories; Waxes, Synthetic Sealants and Coatings in that chronological order.

Waxes are the oldest form of protection, evolving from furniture and leather waxes. These are still in use today and give  your vehicle's paint a great 'wet look' but the problem was always longevity and durability. Waxes typically last weeks to a few months with only the absolute top of the range waxes lasting longer then 9 months.

Synthetic sealants are the polyester to Waxes Cotton. These came as the next step in protection for your vehicle as waxes simply did not last long enough. Sealants were the key to a longer term protection, lasting 12 months or longer. They were durable to washing and had great UV protection. However, they lacked the deep gloss that waxes and ultimately still did not last that long as strong chemicals could easily remove the sealant.

One important note is that the majority of dealerships in Australia offering paint protection, belong to the Synthetic Sealant level. This is where the problem begins. Charging $1,000 to $3,000 for a synthetic sealant is not only stupid but simply unethical.

To illustrate this, most detailers use a sealant due to their ease of use as their "last step product' to finish your car during a detail! That means, something included as part of a detailing service, you may be charged premium prices for something that lasts only 9, 12 - 24 months maximum regardless of the lifetime warranty.

The current and third step in the paint protection evolution are coatings. This is where Quartz Sparkle belongs. Coatings have existed globally for a few years and only recently begun to enter the market for paint protection in Australia. Their chemistry is radically different from Waxes or Sealants.

Coatings first and foremost are what we in the detailing world called "permanent' this does not mean they last forever because not even the factory paint on your car currently will last forever. It does mean that it will not degrade during regular washes, chemicals and bird poo after the coating is applied. In fact, coatings are so durable, they need to be machine polished to be removed.

Quartz Sparkle is specifically a glass coating.  Each bottle of Quartz Sparkle contains up-to 75% of Silicone Dioxide (SiO2), which is a key ingredient in the make up of  pure glass. Silicone Dioxide, has many great attributes for industrial use particularly useful for protecting cars such as great physical resistance to scratching, long life span and heat resistance. After applying Quartz Sparkle to your vehicle, your car will literally have a layer of hardened glass bonded to the surface of paintwork.

Glass Coatings were originally invented to protect sensitive electronics and to make certain areas waterproof or 'hydrophobic' to prevent water damage over time. These have then been adapted for automotive use. The liquid glass can bond permanently to any prepared surface giving it real long term protection. 

A Quartz or AKA Glass Coating, provides 3 major, longterm benefits to your vehicle:

- Intense and 'Glass' like Glossy Finish 

- Ease of Cleaning / Self-Cleaning and a very Hydrophobic surface

- Increased Physical Resistance against abrasions and scratches

The best part of applying a glass coating to your vehicle, is that after the product is applied and when your car is ready, there is a distinct difference. It will look far glossier then it probably ever has, and our applicators can demonstrate how water will behave on the surface of the car.

Many of our customers give us feedback saying that their car has been left in the rain and received a free carwash or that they just washed their car and it was much easier to clean.

The most important points covered is that, as long as proper research is done protecting your car can be cost effective and give your car the properly protection it requires. Make sure to question your detailer or dealership about what protection they are using, is it a sealant? Or is it a coating?

We are more then happy to answer your questions regarding paint protection, detailing and any other brand of coating.

Thank you again for visiting our site, please take your time and look around and to get in contact with us click here.