Quartz Sparkle Paint Protection Coating - Lifetime Warranty

TAC System Australia warrant to the owner of vehicles coated with Quartz Sparkle Glass Coating which are maintained and inspected in accordance with the terms and conditions of this warranty, that in the case of unsatisfactory performance in the protection of exterior painted surfaces from environmental damages such as; bug impacts, UV damage, bird droppings, TAC System Australia or its Approved Applicators will repair the damage in accordance with the terms and conditions of this warranty.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. An Approved Applicator must carry out all work, including repair and reapplication of coating
  2. Warranty is valid from date of submission and registration of provided warranty card by an Approved Applicator, this must occur within 30 days of application
  3. Warranty does not cover vehicles used for commercial purposes, past or present
  4. The coated vehicle must remain registered for road use within Australia for the duration of the warranty
  5. All vehicles, with the exception of new vehicles within three months of purchase, require machine polish work carried out on the exterior painted surfaces of the vehicle by an Approved Applicator prior to the application of the coating
  6. The exterior surfaces of vehicle must be regularly washed and maintained to prevent damage and contamination
  7. Warranty of the coating is made to the owner of the vehicle, and cannot be transferred
  8. In the event of damage and/or repair to the exterior surface of the vehicle due to reasons outside of warranty, such as collision or accident, repaired area must be retreated by an Approved Applicator at the owner or insurer’s expense within 60 days.

Limitations, Exceptions, and Exclusions

  1. Damage, including but not limited to, vandalism, malicious damage, collision, vehicle accidents, fire, hail, flood, stones, rust, vehicle manufacturer’ defects, and more.
  2. Where it has been deemed that damage occurred due to owner negligence, failure to maintain, carelessness
  3. Damage caused by third parties, not authorized by TAC System Australia
  4. Pre-existing damage or deterioration to the exterior painted surface.
  5. Damage to the exterior surface due to incorrect washing methods, automatic car washes, brushes or other tools causing abrasion
  6. Failed clear coat, such as fading, marring, and peeling
  7. Any areas not retreated and recoated after any paint repair
  8. Swirl marks, marring, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, chips to the painted surface.

 Liability Limitations

  1. Claim inspections are subject to an “Inspection Fee” of $120 inc GST. This fee is refunded iin the event warranty claim is valid and approved.
  2. Any damage or unsatisfactory performance of coatings that may be covered under warranty must be reported to an Approved Applicator within 30 days in order for warranty to remain valid
  3. TAC System Australia, will determine at its sole discretion the outcome of warranty claims. This includes the rejection of the claim, or the approval of the claim resulting in the repair and reapplication of the coating by an Approved Applicator, or refund of the cost of initial application to a maximum of $1500 and termination of warranty, whichever is less.
  4. The warranty and support offered and provided pursuant to our Terms and Conditions are in addition to the consumer warranties and guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.

 Warranty Period – Terms and Conditions

Owners of both new and used vehicles that have received Quartz Sparkle coatings, are warrantied for the life of vehicle ownership, if vehicle is in compliance with annual service and maintenance requirements. Vehicles, which are non-compliant with annual service and maintenance requirements, will be warrantied for a period of 5 years from date of application or date of last service, whichever is more recent.

Lifetime Warranty Annual Service

  1. Annual services are required for the Lifetime Warranty to remain valid, with inspection and service to occur within 30 days before or after annual anniversary date from last inspection by an Approved Applicator.
  2. In the event annual service requirements are not met, the lifetime warranty will be reduced to a period of 5 years, with annual inspections no longer required.
  3. Approved Applicators may charge a fee for annual servicing, which includes washing, paint decontamination, and servicing.