Quartz Sparkle

Premium Paint Protection Coating

Quartz Sparkle is TAC System's premier coating, backed by our lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. 

The video below shows a Silver BMW 335i sitting in the rain. The paintwork had been polished and had Quartz Sparkle applied over 6 months before the filming date. After sitting in the rain for 20 minutes,  you can notice the hydrophobicity the surface shows with the beads of rain running off the car.

It differs from other paint protection products such as waxes and sealants by consisting of Pure Liquid Glass. A layer of this is applied to the surface of your car, forming a permanent bond which then gives your car superior protection.

Quartz Sparkle is one of the only few coatings certified to officially contain 75% Silicone Dioxide (SiO2) per bottle. 

The coating provides major benefits over traditional protection methods such as bird droppings, acidic or alkaline damage, oxidisation and UV Rays, dirt, & grime and liquids.

The three major benefits of Quartz Sparkle for your car:

  • Extreme Gloss and shine
  • Easier cleaning & a Hydrophobic Surface
  • Increased physical resistance to abrasions, acid etchings and physical swirl marks

These effects are permanent as the coating bonds to the existing clear coat or surface of the car. Therefore, the intense gloss you see when picking up the car is the car's paintwork by default. Maintaining the car will be a breeze as the surface becomes extremely hydrophobic, this means that the paintwork will bead with rain or washing and allow it to run off the surface of the car. These beads of water will also carry lose dirt particles on the surface of the car 'self-cleaning' the vehicle, either in rain or through rinsing.

With over 20 years of research from South Korea, Quartz Sparkle will give you car the protection it needs.