Project Detail located in Gladesville, Sydney has worked on multiple versions of the new Mercedes Benz C Classes. From the Entre level C250 to the new C63S AMG. You can find more about Project Detail and their fantastic work by click

The new C Class has amazing curves and the shape naturally lends itself to amazing reflections. This is further accentuated by Quartz Sparkle which greatly increases the gloss levels of the paintwork it's applied to.

This 2015 C250 in Silver was new at the time and was only driven by the owner for less then 2 weeks. Being Project Detail, they paid proper attention utilising a 3 bucket wash method and foam bath to prepare the vehicle. This allowed any sediment and debris to be washed off the vehicle which as little physical friction as possible on the vehicle.

After inspection, the paintwork was in fantastic condition and only required very specific spot correction. The areas that did have swirl marks and light scratches were mainly around the driver's side door, boot lid and bonnet. These areas are normally touched a lot by the mechanics and staff at the dealership. Another area that is notorious for swirl marks even from the factory is the solid black B Pillars on a lot of European cars.

After the spots correction we coated the vehicle with Quartz Sparkle. An Infrared Curing Lamp was used to accelerate the curing process for the coating. Traditionally glass coatings take 8-10 hours to cure to comfortable drive, but as long as 72 hours to be water ready. The IR lamp greatly reduces these curing times.

We love these photos as they show the drastic difference in gloss before and after the car is applied. Quartz Sparkle is a long term protection option consisting of SiO2 aka Silica Dioxide. This is a key ingredient in pure glass and it is a permanent form of paint protection. It will not degrade from washing and can only be removed with abrasives from Machine Polishing.

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