This 2015 Lexus was detailed in Sydney and the protected with 4 layers of Quartz Sparkle. The unique quality of Quartz Sparkle lies in the chemistry of the coating. SiO₂ also known as Silicone Dioxide, is an in-organic pure glass substance that can bond to almost any kind of surface.

Specially designed for the automotive industry, Quartz Sparkle bonds permanently to your vehicle's clear coat becoming part of the surface. A noticeable effect of the coating is that it provides a sense of depth to the colour of the car. This effect multiplies depending on how many layers are applied to the vehicle. This can be seen in the photo's with the extreme gloss, depth and how the metallic flake really pop's out especially under the sun.

This particular vehicle had deep scratches through the surface of the car, these needed to be machine polished and removed before applying the coating for best results.

Applying multiple coats will also increase the effects of the coating and the benefits on your vehicle. Most other customers opt for 1-2 coats however, many customers especially with more specialised vehicles choose multiple coats, sometimes 4 layers, 5 or upto 7 layers! The look of the car at that level is almost unreal, the car looks as it it's encased in a a layer of water, it looks that slick!

However, it is important to consider and balance cost with the results as well. Machine polishing aka paint correction is a time consuming process where the surface of your is polished to a high degree. Also, the more coats that you choose, please bear in mind an increased in material costs but also the application process takes longer and the product becomes more difficult to work with and may increase overall curing time.

For further information regarding how many coats or costs, please feel free to contact us or find your local applicator here