Project Detail Sydney is the official applicator and reseller for TAC System Australia in Sydney and NSW. They have been working earnestly and been producing fantastic work, applying Quartz Sparkle Paint Protection in Sydney. 

Part of what we like doing is showcasing the great work of our official applicators across Australia. They all produce highly acclaimed work and are highly trusted by their clients.

This car was a new 2015 Mercedes Benz E250 Sedan in Palladium Silver. The owner was skeptical about how their new car could look better. The vehicle was inspected and it revealed that the paintwork had been ben 'glazed' before delivery hiding most of the defects.

The paintwork required 2 stages of paint correction. Luckily, there were no deep scratches mainly swirls and light marring.  Rupes UHS and DK Next Cut were used to correct the paintwork.

The Palladium Silver Paintwork was coated in 2 layers of Quartz Sparkle paint protection. The wheels where removed, where the face and barrel of the wheel were coated with Quartz Magic. Finally the exterior glass was protected with 'Rain Coat' which will allow rain and liquids to run off the wind shield and windows much easier.

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