Intense Difference in Gloss Before & After

Project Detail in Gladesville, Sydney worked on this BMW M135i in Gunmetal. The car was picked up only hours before hand by the owner and was brought straight to their workshop.

The owner, lived in the inner west of Sydney around Newtown. There is little off-street parking and most cars are parked outside, under trees or exposed to the elements. Bird Droppings and general weather was a particular concern for the customer.

This is also a good example of how a car that looks great new can look even better after having Quartz Sparkle applied. The paintwork was inspected after washing and decontaminating the paintwork. There were only light swirl marks and hair line scratches which were quickly polished and removed.

Scrolling through the photo's shows just how much gloss is improved just from the glass coating alone. The initial photo's shows the car was delivered in the rain. After washing and the spot correction the car's paintwork, wheels and brakes were coated.

The gloss difference is very noticeable. A glass coating like Quartz Sparkle, significantly adds depth to the paintwork. For a strong metallic colour like gunmetal, the colour's clarity and the metallic flakes are magnified from the coating.

The car is also protected from physical and chemical elements as well as making the car much easier to clean for the owners.

If you are in Sydney and would like you car protected with Quartz Sparkle by Project Detail, please visit