Mercedes C250 - Quartz Sparkle

Project Detail located in Gladesville, Sydney has worked on multiple versions of the new Mercedes Benz C Classes. From the Entre level C250 to the new C63S AMG. You can find more about Project Detail and their fantastic work by click

The new C Class has amazing curves and the shape naturally lends itself to amazing reflections. This is further accentuated by Quartz Sparkle which greatly increases the gloss levels of the paintwork it's applied to.

This 2015 C250 in Silver was new at the time and was only driven by the owner for less then 2 weeks. Being Project Detail, they paid proper attention utilising a 3 bucket wash method and foam bath to prepare the vehicle. This allowed any sediment and debris to be washed off the vehicle which as little physical friction as possible on the vehicle.

After inspection, the paintwork was in fantastic condition and only required very specific spot correction. The areas that did have swirl marks and light scratches were mainly around the driver's side door, boot lid and bonnet. These areas are normally touched a lot by the mechanics and staff at the dealership. Another area that is notorious for swirl marks even from the factory is the solid black B Pillars on a lot of European cars.

After the spots correction we coated the vehicle with Quartz Sparkle. An Infrared Curing Lamp was used to accelerate the curing process for the coating. Traditionally glass coatings take 8-10 hours to cure to comfortable drive, but as long as 72 hours to be water ready. The IR lamp greatly reduces these curing times.

We love these photos as they show the drastic difference in gloss before and after the car is applied. Quartz Sparkle is a long term protection option consisting of SiO2 aka Silica Dioxide. This is a key ingredient in pure glass and it is a permanent form of paint protection. It will not degrade from washing and can only be removed with abrasives from Machine Polishing.

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BMW M135i - Quartz Sparkle Paint Protection

Intense Difference in Gloss Before & After

Project Detail in Gladesville, Sydney worked on this BMW M135i in Gunmetal. The car was picked up only hours before hand by the owner and was brought straight to their workshop.

The owner, lived in the inner west of Sydney around Newtown. There is little off-street parking and most cars are parked outside, under trees or exposed to the elements. Bird Droppings and general weather was a particular concern for the customer.

This is also a good example of how a car that looks great new can look even better after having Quartz Sparkle applied. The paintwork was inspected after washing and decontaminating the paintwork. There were only light swirl marks and hair line scratches which were quickly polished and removed.

Scrolling through the photo's shows just how much gloss is improved just from the glass coating alone. The initial photo's shows the car was delivered in the rain. After washing and the spot correction the car's paintwork, wheels and brakes were coated.

The gloss difference is very noticeable. A glass coating like Quartz Sparkle, significantly adds depth to the paintwork. For a strong metallic colour like gunmetal, the colour's clarity and the metallic flakes are magnified from the coating.

The car is also protected from physical and chemical elements as well as making the car much easier to clean for the owners.

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Mercedes E250 Palladium Silver by Project Detail Sydney

Project Detail Sydney is the official applicator and reseller for TAC System Australia in Sydney and NSW. They have been working earnestly and been producing fantastic work, applying Quartz Sparkle Paint Protection in Sydney. 

Part of what we like doing is showcasing the great work of our official applicators across Australia. They all produce highly acclaimed work and are highly trusted by their clients.

This car was a new 2015 Mercedes Benz E250 Sedan in Palladium Silver. The owner was skeptical about how their new car could look better. The vehicle was inspected and it revealed that the paintwork had been ben 'glazed' before delivery hiding most of the defects.

The paintwork required 2 stages of paint correction. Luckily, there were no deep scratches mainly swirls and light marring.  Rupes UHS and DK Next Cut were used to correct the paintwork.

The Palladium Silver Paintwork was coated in 2 layers of Quartz Sparkle paint protection. The wheels where removed, where the face and barrel of the wheel were coated with Quartz Magic. Finally the exterior glass was protected with 'Rain Coat' which will allow rain and liquids to run off the wind shield and windows much easier.

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Lexus IS350 - Multiple Layers

This 2015 Lexus was detailed in Sydney and the protected with 4 layers of Quartz Sparkle. The unique quality of Quartz Sparkle lies in the chemistry of the coating. SiO₂ also known as Silicone Dioxide, is an in-organic pure glass substance that can bond to almost any kind of surface.

Specially designed for the automotive industry, Quartz Sparkle bonds permanently to your vehicle's clear coat becoming part of the surface. A noticeable effect of the coating is that it provides a sense of depth to the colour of the car. This effect multiplies depending on how many layers are applied to the vehicle. This can be seen in the photo's with the extreme gloss, depth and how the metallic flake really pop's out especially under the sun.

This particular vehicle had deep scratches through the surface of the car, these needed to be machine polished and removed before applying the coating for best results.

Applying multiple coats will also increase the effects of the coating and the benefits on your vehicle. Most other customers opt for 1-2 coats however, many customers especially with more specialised vehicles choose multiple coats, sometimes 4 layers, 5 or upto 7 layers! The look of the car at that level is almost unreal, the car looks as it it's encased in a a layer of water, it looks that slick!

However, it is important to consider and balance cost with the results as well. Machine polishing aka paint correction is a time consuming process where the surface of your is polished to a high degree. Also, the more coats that you choose, please bear in mind an increased in material costs but also the application process takes longer and the product becomes more difficult to work with and may increase overall curing time.

For further information regarding how many coats or costs, please feel free to contact us or find your local applicator here

Quartz Sparkle: An Introduction

TAC System Australia's premier glass coating and paint protection, Quartz Sparkle is now available to all car owners. This advanced form of paint protection is vastly different from what car dealerships and many of us recognise as paint protection until now. 

Quartz Sparkle is a professional only product, requiring an approved applicator from us  to apply the product for your. However, each application is backed with a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. 

With the on-going advances in detailing technologies, Quartz Sparkle is a pure liquid glass that is applied to your car's paintwork. This consists of an in-organic glass called Silica Dioxide which is the key ingredient to this coating. It then forms a permanent bond that does not dissolve during washing and cannot be wiped away.

The coating itself will give your car 3 major qualities that cannot be beaten by older coatings, waxes or sealants. These are:

  1. A glass like and wet gloss. This becomes a permanent feature to your car. Because of the permanent nature of the coating, your paintwork by default is now a higher level of gloss.
  2. Increased physical resistance. Once again, due to the permanent bond, there is now buffer that will absorb and resist light abrasions to your vehicle. 
  3. Self-Cleaning & Water Beading. The car's surface is now naturally hydrophobic meaning that water will run from the surface and will sit and gather in round beads on the surface just like in the photo.

Best of all, with the exception of scratching your car, our applicators can show you the before and after on your vehicle by demonstrating how water behaves and also the paintwork should be noticeably more glossy.

With applicators across Australia in every state, getting your protected is easy. Any questions, please feel free to get in contact with us.