TAC System Australia

Originating from South Korea, TAC System offers a comprehensive range of car care products used by professionals and enthusiasts alike. With over 20 years experience, TAC System has developed their products to match on-going trends in automotive materials and paintwork in order to deliver the best results. Part of their products range is their superior lineup of Glass Coatings for paint protection.

These paint protection coatings are now available in Australia and allow our customers to protect their car with the very best on a global scale.

Quartz Sparkle

From TAC System Australia, Quartz Sparkle is our premier coating. Only available to official applicators to ensure the best quality of service and results to our customers.

Quartz Sparkle gives your car the following benefits:

  • Acid etchings -  Bird Droppings & Water Marks
  • Surface becomes hydrophobic - Easier Cleaning & water beading
  • Permanent bond to your existing paintwork - Increased physical resistance to swirls & scratches


All backed by our Lifetime Warranty.